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Be a part of history! Join the CSU Community by tracking your volunteer hours as part of CSU’s Sesquicentennial year and the Rams 150 Service Challenge.

Track Hours

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Mobile Food Pantries: Food bank distribution scheduled for April 2. All items will be boxed and available for a quick pick-up at LSC. More specific information to come.

Pocket pantries now in two locations:

  1. Lory Student Center- level 200 – ASCSU Plaza-side entrance
    Please “swipe” your CSU ID to enter the Pocket Pantry doors
  2. University Housing – Aggie Village Family Apartments
    Aggie Village Family Center – 501 West Prospect St, Building 24

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Community Engagement and Volunteer Programs

Alternative Break

This program is an immersion experience into different cultural, environmental and socioeconomic communities across the nation. See the world, serve the world.

Rams Against Hunger

The goal of Rams Against Hunger at Colorado State University is to serve as emergency food relief for Colorado State University undergraduate students experiencing food insecurity.

C.A.N.S. Around The Oval

C.A.N.S Around the Oval is a CSU tradition, where students, faculty, and staff join local community members and the Food Bank for Larimer County to raise awareness about local hunger and collect food goods and raise monetary donations in creative and collaborative ways.

Service Happenings

Identify volunteering opportunities with local community agencies (i.e. non-profit and governmental organizations). Resources include an up-to-date volunteer calendar and monthly newsletter.

SLiCE Adaptive Swim

Each week, students and their partners spend an hour in the pool for exercise, games, and friendship while developing relationships, improving body coordination and just having fun in the water!


This program pairs CSU student volunteers with teens in the community who have a variety of complex needs. Offering mutually beneficial relationships and learning for both teens and college students.

Ram$ For Change Fundraiser

Ram$ for Change (formerly known as CSU Serves) is a fundraiser for Registered Student Organizations which involves helping local community agencies with their much-needed projects on Ram$ for Change weekends.

Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect is a one-day event that provides individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness with access to vital services such as basic medical exams, legal advice and much more.

Public Achievement

The Public Achievement organizing model recognizes that people of every age have skills, talents, and ideas, and that by learning to work with others, they can solve problems and build sustainable democratic societies.


Join a Colorado State University tradition and get involved with CSUnity! Each spring, more than two thousand CSU students gather for a day-long service plunge in and around the Fort Collins community!

Post-It Art

Use Post-It Notes to make a fabulous post-it note window design featuring positive art or messages viewable from the outside of your window.

Involvement Expo

The Spring Involvement Expo is an opportunity for students to get involved on campus and in the community by connecting with over 125+ Registered Student Organizations that attend this event every year.