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Apply to Join the LSC Governing Board


The LSCGB is a vital part of making sure the needs of LSC
customers, employees, and other stakeholders are met. Since the LSC is
the heart of activity on the CSU campus, a group of students, staff, and
faculty is needed to continuously evaluate issues that arise. Members of
LSCGB make important recommendations to ensure the Lory Student
Center fulfills the commitment to the CSU Community.


LSCGB Mission Statement:
The Lory Student Center Governing Board is committed to developing and
reviewing the operation and the use of the Lory Student Center including,
but not limited to, regulations affecting students, faculty, staff, alumni and
guests using the facility. Such policies will enhance the educational
environment of the campus community by supporting activities that
promote intellectual, social, cultural, recreational and
personal development.



  1. Hands-on Leadership Experience
  2. Professional Development
  3. Community with Students, Faculty, and Staff of Colorad State University

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Membership Application

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